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My first submissions

2009-08-17 15:53:50 by DaelJericho

Finaly, after a long time, I decided to bring my own stuff into Newgrounds, wich I find after all very pleasing.

I started a musical cycle, some kind of story wich will be told only by my musical themes and arrangements. Its name is "Onkh!", wich tells about a enourmous city, that hovers over a surface of burning sand wich people call "Skyro". Only a few places are know, where you can life outside this city and the only conection between them are flying ships.

So far I posted two parts of this cycle, wich only describes the city itself:

Toenhall - The home of justice
Mercas - The home of wealth

Two are yet to come. Then Skyro, the musical theme of the city itself will be completed. Check them out and review them.

My first submissions


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