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2009-08-20 11:27:41 by DaelJericho

So, I've made up my mind and finaly decided wich projects I want to design this year. For I am going to start my studies on informatics soon, there will be no time left for randome "flashing". Here is it, the
inglorious to-do-list for 2009.

Tales of Skyro - A pure musical project, that I already started with
Ratsassin - A Assasin's Creed rip off with mice and rats...yeah, I know it sounds stupid
Another Birth; Vae Victus Vol. 1 - Kind of "Audiocomic", well you'll see what I mean (I hope)
Forsaken - A space shooter (but this one gonna be totaly diffrent!), I'll try to export it one mobiles.

Well, thats it for now. It's gonna be a butload of work, but it will be worth it!


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