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2009-08-30 15:14:32 by DaelJericho

So, folks. Now that my first project "Tales of Skyro" is completed, I officaly start my work on "Abandone All Hope", wich was former known as "Ratsassin". This project was initially planed as a Assasins Creed Spoof with rats, but In the course of creation this project became so much more, so full of great thougths and game mechanics that I felt in need to make it something of its own. So, the project is renamed "Abandon all Hope" , or shorter: " AAH!! " ;).

SO. What is this project gonna be about? It has a broad range of themes, mostly Accpetance and Tolerance. The protagonist of this drama will be a albino rat named "Fectrix" (wich is the latin word for "different"), who in young years gets found by Lanista, a rat that runs an ancient order, wich wants to fell human order.

In the beginning I wanted to give it out as full 5 Act Drama on one piece, but I had soon to face reality of File Size and such nasty things. So I'll just give it out in 3 packs:

Dissimilar (Contains only Act I; this part will be the pilot episode)
Inbetween (Contains Act II and III; this will be the core of it all)
Equalization (Contains Act IV and V; the Grande Finale)

Besides of variouse sketches and level tiles, I already started with composing the Soundtrack of AAH, wich I will of course submit to Newgrounds as well, for other usement.

Thats all of me for now. Stay tuned!



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