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2009-09-13 15:45:09 by DaelJericho

As Computergames keep getting bigger and bigger and the topics they deal with more adulty, there is a little revolution starting rigth here in the net: Indiegames. Everyone out there surley heard about the term Indiegame. But did you know that there is actually a Magazine in the web dealing with this topic? I guess not. So here I am, trying to make this diffrent.

The IGM (Indiegamemagazine) is the only Mag out there that pre/rewies Indiegames for free. The tests are honest and appopriate and the articles are very interesting (This month: Earning a living in a free world, dealing with "How can I make money out of my hobby?"). For your Flashgames are actualy Indiegames, it concerns you as well what becomes out of this wonderful movement.

You can actualy get it in real paper issues, wich will of course cost some cents, but be honest: You'd waste the money anyway for porn. So why don't you do something good and help IGM to grow?

Give it a shot, it won't hurt you; I promise:

Indie Games Mag

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2010-01-31 10:05:57

Cool! Me like.