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I am alive

2010-02-18 16:51:20 by DaelJericho

It has been a while since I updated my page. 've been busy doing the usual stuff, making some bucks here, trying to keep the head up there. Most of my time is consumed by the inhuman amount of lectures I am supposed to know by heart which is - lets face it - ridiculous. I mean, do I need to know the binary code for adding two other binary numbers in some machine language by heart? Helllooooo, there is the internet for such stuff.

Anyway, my game "Abandon all Hope" was not stopped. It goes forward one inch at a time. Soon as I get some space I'll upload some screenshots and samples of the soundtrack which is the best thing I've composed so far. Stay tuned! Or don't. I'll won't update this page anyway for the next months.


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2010-02-25 10:43:21

ok i look forward to seeing your game good luck and i hope that with all of your stress the you wont Abandon all Hope do excuse the pun i couldnt resist

DaelJericho responds:

;) I saw that coming, it is my own fault!