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2010-03-05 12:26:21 by DaelJericho

To watch Ubisoft's youngest course fills me with unbending rage. I am sure you already heard, that you must uphold a continued internet connection to play their newest titles, among other things their long awaited Assassin's Creed 2. They try to fight against bootlegs, but there are people who doesn't have internet or don't want to uphold this continued connection or even pay per minute for it, thus scaring off possible customers. And what do I hear of today? A scene release of Assassin's Creed 2 with crack and fake Ubisoft-account. Weeks before the official release. I don't know if it works properly, but I am sure it will in time.
Cracker and hacker are proud people. To challenge them with an "unbreakable copy protection" is as wise as parking a brand new Ferrari in Poland with the note: PLEASE DO NOT STEAL THIS CAR.

Ubisoft, you failed royally.

I am alive

2010-02-18 16:51:20 by DaelJericho

It has been a while since I updated my page. 've been busy doing the usual stuff, making some bucks here, trying to keep the head up there. Most of my time is consumed by the inhuman amount of lectures I am supposed to know by heart which is - lets face it - ridiculous. I mean, do I need to know the binary code for adding two other binary numbers in some machine language by heart? Helllooooo, there is the internet for such stuff.

Anyway, my game "Abandon all Hope" was not stopped. It goes forward one inch at a time. Soon as I get some space I'll upload some screenshots and samples of the soundtrack which is the best thing I've composed so far. Stay tuned! Or don't. I'll won't update this page anyway for the next months.

Indie Game Mag

2009-09-13 15:45:09 by DaelJericho

As Computergames keep getting bigger and bigger and the topics they deal with more adulty, there is a little revolution starting rigth here in the net: Indiegames. Everyone out there surley heard about the term Indiegame. But did you know that there is actually a Magazine in the web dealing with this topic? I guess not. So here I am, trying to make this diffrent.

The IGM (Indiegamemagazine) is the only Mag out there that pre/rewies Indiegames for free. The tests are honest and appopriate and the articles are very interesting (This month: Earning a living in a free world, dealing with "How can I make money out of my hobby?"). For your Flashgames are actualy Indiegames, it concerns you as well what becomes out of this wonderful movement.

You can actualy get it in real paper issues, wich will of course cost some cents, but be honest: You'd waste the money anyway for porn. So why don't you do something good and help IGM to grow?

Give it a shot, it won't hurt you; I promise:

Indie Games Mag

Twit it, Digg it, Buy it!

My Craptop

2009-09-10 14:19:23 by DaelJericho

Destiny stroke me yesterday!
My Pc broke down completley after just 1 month of usement. I could at least save the major parts of my work, but for the next 3 (!) weeks I'll have to use my shitty laptop, wich my friends call quite rigthtly the "Worst Craptop ever!". Oh my...

But I won't give up that easily. This delay won't stop me.

Till later folks!'

First results

2009-09-06 08:41:52 by DaelJericho

As promised, I'll show of one concept.

Crimson Guard, The;
Whenever the Townwatch proves to be useless idiots, CrimGuard is showing up to clean up the mess. They are well trained elite soldiers, equiped with tanks on theris backs, that suck air into a filter. Cleaned of any other smells, it alows the CrimGuard to fully concentrate on the scent of his prey. They hold up the Stultita and investigate violations against it. The inquisition of my story.

I realy love that guys! They'll become the player's deepest horror. Hard to kill and hard to avoid. They'll even have some bugs as bloodhounds. Don't mess with them!

First results


2009-09-03 12:08:20 by DaelJericho

I started my work on Abandone All Hope some days ago and it goes well. While several tracks of the soundtrack are finished, I have no overall concept for it yet. But at least some muscial themes to begin with.

I worked out the graphical concept and it seems to get good. But it needs so much time to draw. If I only could skip that part but well...that's life!

As for the engine I already have the general outline for it in my head. Coding will start soon, if the graphical work continues to go well.

I think I'll be able to show of some screens soon. Stay tuned

Grey Fox


2009-08-30 15:14:32 by DaelJericho

So, folks. Now that my first project "Tales of Skyro" is completed, I officaly start my work on "Abandone All Hope", wich was former known as "Ratsassin". This project was initially planed as a Assasins Creed Spoof with rats, but In the course of creation this project became so much more, so full of great thougths and game mechanics that I felt in need to make it something of its own. So, the project is renamed "Abandon all Hope" , or shorter: " AAH!! " ;).

SO. What is this project gonna be about? It has a broad range of themes, mostly Accpetance and Tolerance. The protagonist of this drama will be a albino rat named "Fectrix" (wich is the latin word for "different"), who in young years gets found by Lanista, a rat that runs an ancient order, wich wants to fell human order.

In the beginning I wanted to give it out as full 5 Act Drama on one piece, but I had soon to face reality of File Size and such nasty things. So I'll just give it out in 3 packs:

Dissimilar (Contains only Act I; this part will be the pilot episode)
Inbetween (Contains Act II and III; this will be the core of it all)
Equalization (Contains Act IV and V; the Grande Finale)

Besides of variouse sketches and level tiles, I already started with composing the Soundtrack of AAH, wich I will of course submit to Newgrounds as well, for other usement.

Thats all of me for now. Stay tuned!



2009-08-28 11:29:10 by DaelJericho

My newest track is out. It is Pooral, the disstrict of beggars and thieves. Check it out: /267939

Enjoy and review!


Future Projects

2009-08-20 11:27:41 by DaelJericho

So, I've made up my mind and finaly decided wich projects I want to design this year. For I am going to start my studies on informatics soon, there will be no time left for randome "flashing". Here is it, the
inglorious to-do-list for 2009.

Tales of Skyro - A pure musical project, that I already started with
Ratsassin - A Assasin's Creed rip off with mice and rats...yeah, I know it sounds stupid
Another Birth; Vae Victus Vol. 1 - Kind of "Audiocomic", well you'll see what I mean (I hope)
Forsaken - A space shooter (but this one gonna be totaly diffrent!), I'll try to export it one mobiles.

Well, thats it for now. It's gonna be a butload of work, but it will be worth it!

My first submissions

2009-08-17 15:53:50 by DaelJericho

Finaly, after a long time, I decided to bring my own stuff into Newgrounds, wich I find after all very pleasing.

I started a musical cycle, some kind of story wich will be told only by my musical themes and arrangements. Its name is "Onkh!", wich tells about a enourmous city, that hovers over a surface of burning sand wich people call "Skyro". Only a few places are know, where you can life outside this city and the only conection between them are flying ships.

So far I posted two parts of this cycle, wich only describes the city itself:

Toenhall - The home of justice
Mercas - The home of wealth

Two are yet to come. Then Skyro, the musical theme of the city itself will be completed. Check them out and review them.

My first submissions